Sunday, March 10, 2013

March 10, 2013


Was so grateful to have mailed our dossier package out on Thursday.  What a wonderful feeling to be totally done & it mailed off, received by the adoption agency, & being sent to the Ethiopian embassy in DC on Wednesday!!  After they review it, they will send it to Ethiopia & then we wait.  Takes them about 2-3 wks to translate it & then they review it.  Seems like it's taking about 3-4 months for courtdates to be issued from the time they receive the dossier.  We are praying, praying, praying that things will move along quickly & that will not be the case.  Our desire is to have a June  courtdate & our son home by mid July.  That will take a miracle......but we've seen many.  Including God calling two retired people to adopt an almost 15 year old boy, having a family that has been so supportive & financial miracles.  We are only $5000 from our goal. 

Got to send off our first package with a family from Indiana that left today.  It was exciting knowing he would get something from us.  Wasn't much, only allowed to send a 1 gal. ziplock bag, but I think he will like what's in it.  Sent some math pages for him to practice his math in english numbers.  He liked doing math when he was here.  He just loved the few days that he went to school with my grandson, Owen, who attends Palmeto Christian Academy.    Very insistent that we will go to school there when he comes home. Remember him saying to me, "Mom, I go school here when back America".   Probably not an option the first year, since he will have a lot of catching up to do, but we're believing with intense tutoring & schooling, it may be an option the second year.  He has lost so much of his childhood to poverty & living on the streets that we want to do all we can to bless his life like all of our lives have been blessed.  Not just in a material way, but with a room of his own, a home where he's loved, extended family that loves him, never going to bed hungry again, enough protein in his diet for him to catch up height & weight wise. 

Please consider helping us with a small donation of $25 to reach our goal in the next few weeks.  Go to  Please consider sharing that site with others who might like to help us in giving this boy a chance of a life that we all take for granted.


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  1. My son saw your video and he was cut to the heart! He doesn't have much from a meager allowance, but this was first experience making a donation and he was SO excited! I'm not sure if you see the comments often on the razoo video, so I'll paste his comments here. I hope his words will be an encouragement to you both and I hope you can use it to encourage further donations!

    "I am Henok (17 yrs old) and i am adopted from Ethiopia. My father was the last of his line too and i am proud to carry his name. He was soo happy when i brought home my High School LETTER JACKET with our family last name on the back. I really hope yall can get more donations. Good luck!! My prayers are with you!!"